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Lessons Learned from the Ice Storms: Back-up Power by Greg Carttar
[Feb 6 2009]


The views expressed here reflect the views of the authors alone, and do not necessarily reflect the views of any of their organizations. In particular, the views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of Big Medicine, nor any member of Team EMS Inc.




Helmets are good

Then I was on the grass, next to a sidewalk, lying face down. A crowd had gathered around me. Excited voices shrilled all around me. Stay calm, I thought. Stay focused, I thought. Don’t lose consciousness. The light, and reality, was too glaring to observe, so I kept my eyes shut. I begged the crowd to call an ambulance. They all seemed far more panicked than I was. I was amazed at my own calmness, observed it patiently, detached...

[October 26 2009]





In the absence of gravitas: crapola

In the absence of intense myth-busting information communicated by credible leaders, this kind of crapola propagates. Several times a day I find myself being called upon to explain why I believe it’s essential that we all get vax’d against H1. Here's my response...

[October 27, 2009] 





Perfidy! The UN and the Goldstone Libel

Col. Richard Kemp, a former commander of British forces in Afghanistan, told the council that war crimes accusations against the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) were misplaced. “The IDF faces a challenge that we British do not have to face to the same extent. It is the automatic, Pavlovian presumption by many in the international media, and international human rights groups, that the IDF are in the wrong...”

[October 26 2009]





The healthcare supply system and emergency management

Elected officials, emergency managers, healthcare executives and public health officials are focused on protecting and treating patients who are, or will be infected by the H1N1 epidemic. Govt procurement officials now understand that all the money in the world can’t buy medical products that are unavailable due to high worldwide demand...
[October 19 2009]





A new approach to US aid in the Muslim world

In absolute volume–over $25 to $30 billion dollars annually–America spends more than any other country in foreign aid. Despite the impressive quantity, however, American aid is scant in relation to its national wealth. America donates about 0.016 of its gross national product...

[October 14 2009]





It’s time to rethink our approach to garbage
Planned obsolescence – the absurd practice of producing goods that won’t last so that the consumer cycle can continue – is still very much with us. We can all avoid buying products that are over-packaged or that are “disposable” – and encourage producers to be more responsible...

[September 18 2009]





Breastfeeding 101 for Emergency Managers

...why as emergency managers are we not working with our partners at HHS and CDC and our local departments of health to include within our preparedness message and materials that breastfeeding is not only a healthy option in general but a lifesaving one in times of distress?...

[July 22 2009]





Music, EMS and memories good and not so good

...Mike and I each got a large bore IV going and secured by arrival at the hospital.  From time of dispatch to arrival at the hospital was 11 minutes. We were definitely all over that call. Between us and trauma services at SF General our patient survived his injuries and now every time I or my crews have a “kick ass” watch, the sound track in my head always starts with “The Heat is On”...

[July 17 2009]





Climate change: the ultimate early warning

Audible, however, in the background to our report, written not by us but by independent specialist experts, is the steady drum beat of climate warning – still thankfully classifiable as “early” warning. And still capable – if not for very much longer – of being coupled with “early” action...

[July 17 2009]





Talk About A Revolution

This was the true revolution of June 15th. As information was coming out of Iran it was being viewed by thousands and then resent (retweeted) so that it would be viewed by even more. All of this in pretty much real time and it had nothing to do with the large news agencies. In fairness to the news agencies they are beginning to catch on...

[Jun 19 2009]





Pandemic Preparedness & Response: The Top 10

I probably rocked the boat a bit when I essentially refused to write a plan specifically for H5N1 avian influenza.  I was especially obstinate when required to write a Hospital COOP for pandemic.  I am less concerned frankly with what the risk or hazard is.  Do not interpret this to mean I do not support mitigation.  I do.  But at the end of the day, I like plans people can use...

[Jun 19 2009]




Networked homeland security as model for piracy issue

Watching the coverage of the Maersk Alabama piracy incident, it seemed to me that conventional responses are ineffective because of the extreme asymmetrical aspect of the situation and because conventional treaty-based mutual defense approaches aren’t relevant on the high seas...

[May 31 2009]





The gift that heals

A pediatric emergency room is not a place for the squeamish. Children come in who ran in front of a car on the last day of school or fell off a bicycle or drowned while their parents went to answer the doorbell. These are not children who have suffered from a chronic illness where death could have been foreseen. The shock is total. “The parents hurt so much. Some of them seem to need help just to survive,” says Mindy Zoll, a transplant coordinator with TransLife, the organ procurement organization in central Florida...
[Apr 21 2009]

Reg Green is the author of The Gift that Heals, and heads the Nicholas Green Foundation. His family’s story was the basis for a made-for-television movie, starring Jamie Lee Curtis, called “Nicholas’ Gift,” for which she was nominated for an Emmy and has been shown worldwide.




An institutional gap for disaster IDPs

Laws and policies are needed to protect against human rights abuse in disaster response. National human rights commissions can assist governments in drafting these documents and can monitor the extent to which the rights of disaster victims are protected. After the Indian Ocean tsunami, the Sri Lankan National Human Rights Commission took up hundreds if not thousands of cases of persons with human rights problems...

[Apr 8 2009]





One-state solution requires a shared state of mind

A more popular and explicit form of the Palestinian one-state idea, shared by a tiny minority of Israelis, is secular in nature. In this second form, a one-state scenario would be a product of uniting “Israel proper” and “Palestine” in a single, bi-national state, voluntarily, a la post-apartheid South African model...

[Feb 17 2009]





Spontaneous Volunteer Management in a Disaster

While every disaster presents new issues, new response parameters and requires unique adaptations to previous response scenarios, there are two constants for every large-scale disaster: stuff – and people – show up. During times of crisis, it is a natural for people to want to either donate material goods and services, or their time, to help...

[Feb 6 2009]




In Memoriam


 The Original Big Med Tribal Elder

The tribal elder's slippers [by Hal Newman]

I'm going to close this column with a passage my father wrote about what it means to be a First Responder:

"You may not receive heartfelt thanks for what you do. Sometimes you will be blamed, because people suffering pain and loss need to blame someone. It goes with the territory and only time can redress the injustice. Learn to accept the hurt with the good things, and don't be too hard on yourself... 

David A. H. Newman 1931-2008




The Perfect Storm:

Economic Stress and Holiday Stress Collide

For many, the holidays are a time of reflection and review of the past, while also for planning and goal setting for the future. In an environment marked by uncertainty and fear, this holiday season may seem overwhelming...

[Nov 26 2008]





Australian Aid Resource and Training Guide

November 2008 Edition

Lucy is (with another lass) taking up the Congo Canoe Challenge next month …paddling 500 kms up the Congo to raise money for medical equipment and supplies for the regional hospital located in Lotumbe (rather them than me!). Fantastic cause, so if you want to sponsor this contact Lucy...

[Nov 9 2008]





Mahila Partnership is launched

The University of Massachusetts Center for Rebuilding Sustainable Communities After Disasters (CRSCAD) and Mahila Partnership have established a partnership, working together to strengthen communities locally and internationally; focusing on sustainable rebuilding after disasters, and decreasing the impact of disasters on women and their families with a focus on particularly vulnerable populations...
[Sep 16 2008]





Canadian Boys Don't Beg

On Halloween night in 1994, in Montreal, Quebec, I committed a reprehensible crime. I got away scot-free. The deed went unpunished. I never got caught. Since I’m incriminating myself anyway, I might as well fess up to the whole offense—the truth is, I committed the same odious crime umpteen times that night...
[Sep 16 2008]





A perspective on hazard vulnerability analysis by hospitals [Part 1]

The Real Estate industry and the Disaster Preparedness & Response sector have three things in common: “Location… Location…Location.” When looking for my current house, I wanted one located in a woodsy setting with a brook or pond within view. When analyzing hazard events that a hospital might be exposed to, one should consider the hospital’s location...

[July 31 2008]





On becoming senior & Germanic terms that make us sound smarter than we really are

...the simple fact remains that the only way to gain expertise in a vast array of diagnostic/ therapeutic dilemmas and acutely decompensating patients is to be there when it happens...

[Jan 28 08]





Pandemic Revisited

...our propensity to go into ‘feeding’ frenzies when confronted with real or anticipated scarcities of anything – such as popularized toys or almost anything else – makes it inevitable that the ‘nasty’ scenarios, including riots and mayhem, are highly likely.

[Sep 6 07]





The Bachar Sessions: Local Leadership during an Earthquake

...being the right person at the right place; showing the population that you care about what is happening to them, that you are part of them; making them feel that all of us will eventually come out of the disaster strengthened, making them feel that someone out there cares for them, someone who can be trusted, someone who is a leader, the right person at the right time...

[Jul 9 07]





Business Continuity as a Strategic Initiative

My basic argument expressed herein, is quite simple; “If we as continuity planners, claim to address business continuity, shouldn’t the plans we have created be comprehensive enough to ensure the survival of the business that is implementing the plan?” 

[Nov 18 06]





The Great Escape! Final Farewells

I was on the West coast presenting to a group of architects when the telephone rang. The secretary answered it in muted tones, and after a moment looked directly at me and said with quiet authority, “Sir, you have to take this call. It’s your wife.”

[May 4 06]





The World Trade Center. September 11, 2001. One Man's Experience

The roar from somewhere above assaulting our ears sounded like an express freight train crossing an old railroad trestle. A huge flaming red and bright orange fireball came whooshing, blistering down and exploded not 25 feet outside my windows. Then the blizzard began.

[May 4 06]

















Chapter 7--Emergency Management--Public Safety Canada

Fall 2009 Report of the Auditor General

Public Safety Canada needs to ensure that Canada is ready with a coordinated response to large-scale emergencies, whether pandemics, floods, or forest fires, says the Auditor General of Canada, Sheila Fraser, in her Report tabled today in the House of Commons.

“The government must be ready to respond quickly and effectively when emergencies arise,” said Ms. Fraser. “Canada needs to have a planned and coordinated approach in place so that federal, provincial, and municipal agencies know what part they will play in managing a crisis.”

Public Safety Canada has developed an interim Federal Emergency Response Plan to coordinate activities in an emergency, but it needs to be assured that other departments are ready to play their part. The audit found that the Plan has not received formal approval by the government or other federal departments...



_ _ _

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1105 Sexual violence prevention and re-integration funding "falls through cracks" [DRC]


1105 Turning to traditional medicine in fight against malaria [Africa]


1024 Mentors to boost breastfeeding [Mali]


1024 Death toll rises as cholera spreads [Tanzania]


1024 Child disability, the forgotten crisis [DRC]


1024 Humanitarian stockpile takes shape - on paper [West Africa]


1024 Aid groups mobilize to help wounded [Guinea]


1024 Shift aid base to "safe" areas in-country, urges UN official [Somalia]


1024 US troops help build disaster response capacity [East Africa]


1024 Humanitarian crisis now unfolding in Angola - DRC [Luanda-Kinshasa]


1024 Cholera returns and kills five, so far [Zimbabwe]


1024 Rains wash away IDP shelters in Mogadishu [Somalia]


1017 Cholera kills at least 51 in north [Cameroon]


1017 Stopping cholera emergencies [West Africa]


1017 Driving home the cholera message [Guinea-Bissau]


1013 Fifty quarantined as first H1N1 death reported [Tanzania]


1013 How To: Rescue people trapped in a collapsed building [Kenya]


1013 Cholera kills 29 as water shortage bites [Kenya]


1013 Rains, poor roads hamper mystery disease response [Sudan]










1112 New recommendations on H1N1 vax for children [Prince Edward Island]


1112 Quebec facilite la vaccination des jeunes du milieu scolaire [Quebec]


1112 Nine H1N1 cases currently hospitalized with severe respiratory illnesses [Manitoba]


1112 Since Nov 3, another 202 new severe cases of H1N1 in the province [British Columbia]


1112 FDA expands use of H1N1 vax to include infants and children [Rockville MD]


1112 First H1N1-related death in the city this fall [Boston MA]


1112 Heavy rains causing Midlands-area sewage problems [Columbia SC]


1112 Weekend H1N1 vax clinics expanded to cover people with underlying health conditions [New York NY]


1112 Clinics to vax up to 3,000 high-risk people [Delaware]


1112 Health officials recommend parents check children's vax records to verify whether booster dose of Hib vax is required [North Dakota]


1112 Expanded H1N1 vax availability for all target populations [Louisiana]


1112 Quantities of seasonal flu vax diminishing [Kentucky]


1112 More H1N1 deaths confirmed as more vax arrives in state [Arkansas]


1112 State recommends continued prioritization of H1N1 vax [Wisconsin]


1112 Additional H1N1 flu death announced [Topeka Kansas]


1112 Province expands H1N1 vax program to include first responders [Ontario]


1112 Québec dévoile la séquence de vaccination prévue pour le deuxième groupe de population [Quebec]


1112 H1N1 vax groups expanded [Nova Scotia]


1112 O'Leary flu assessment site closed due to low numbers [Prince Edward Island]


1111 Governor declares disaster for Kodiak storms [Alaska]


1111 More than 1,000 hospitalized for ILI since Sept 1 [Oregon]


1111 Two more flu-related deaths reported [Wyoming]


1106 Le ministre Bolduc annonce le mise en place d'un systeme de gestion de l'acces a la vax contre la H1N1 [Quebec]


1106 Assembly of First Nations and Health Canada to co-host a virtual summit on H1N1 preparedness on Nov 10 [Ottawa ON]


1106 Currently 14 individuals in ICUs with severe respiratory illness [Manitoba]


1106 For the week ending Nov 3 there were 183 new severe cases of H1N1 [British Columbia]


1106 DNA analysis confirms positive identification on seventh foot [Burnaby BC]


1106 AHS investigation into inappropriate use of H1N1 vaccine [Calgary AB]


1106 More risk groups added to H1N1 vax campaign [Saskatchewan]


1106 Targeted H1N1 immunization of priority groups expands [Edmonton AB]


1106 HHS orders intravenous antiviral flu meds to help patients hospitalized with H1N1 [United States]


1106 King County pharmacies to offer H1N1 vax for at-risk people [Washington]


1106 Letter to state/local officials from CDC director re H1N1 vax [Atlanta GA]


1106 Atlantic County begins to distribute H1N1 vax [New Jersey]


1106 H1N1 continues to spread and worsen in state [Maine]


1106 HEALTH dept issues statement regarding confusion between Tamiflu and Theraflu [Rhode Island]


1106 State receives more Tamiflu for children [Connecticut]


1106 Gov Patterson urges New Yorkers to take preventive measures to reduce spread of H1N1 flu [Albany NY]


1106 Young adult is state's second H1N1 flu-related death [Maine]


1106 H1N1 vax efforts expand as school absenteeism grows [Maine]


1106 More than 3,000 people received H1N1 vax yesterday [Marion County IN]


1106 Three more H1N1 flu-related deaths confirmed [Iowa]


1106 State expands eligibility for H1N1 vaccine [South Dakota]


1106 State health officials confirm H1N1 flu-related death in Ozaukee County [Wisconsin]


1106 H1N1 (swine flu) information: easy access for residents [Washington]


1106 Two additional H1N1-related deaths announced [Kansas]


1106 Flu PSA advises students, workers to stay home when sick [Denver CO]


1106 Two Little Diomede residents medevac'd to Nome with possible H1N1 [Anchorage AK]


1106 Final state WNv numbers reported for 2009 [Wyoming]


1106 Web site provides one-stop shopping for sandbag distribution sites in King County [King County WA]


1106 County offering free sandbags to residents on Green River’s flood-threatened middle stretch [King County WA]


1106 County heads into winter with new snow plans [King County WA]


1104 Strong demand for seasonal flu vax strains supplies [New York City]


1104 Healthcare workers encouraged to receive H1N1 vax [Pennsylvania]


1104 Dept of Health confirms state's first pediatric death associated with H1N1 flu [Pennsylvania]


1104 Four additional H1N1-related deaths reported [Iowa]


1104 Protecting pets from illness [Iowa]


1104 State now asking for reports of patients hospitalized with pneumonia and influenza syndrome [Alaska]


1103 Marion County elementary students to begin receiving H1N1 vax Nov 9 [Indianapolis IN]


1103 Almost 175,000 doses of seasonal flu and H1N1 vax given at mass flu clinics [Little Rock AR]


1103 First child H1N1 death reported [Iowa]


1103 Two additional H1N1 flu-related deaths announced [Kansas]


1103 State health dept asks for citizens' cooperation as H1N1 vax efforts continue [Denver CO]


1103 State health dept addresses confusion over nasal flu vax [Denver CO]


1103 H1N1 vax continues to arrive; cases peaked week of Oct 10 [Denver CO]


1103 More than 24,000 vax'd during first week of H1N1 program [Prince Edward Island]


1103 Pediatric H1N1 flu-related death confirmed [Yukon]


1103 MOH confirms H1N1 outbreak at Whitehorse Correctional Centre [Yukon]


1103 New flu assessment clinic to lighten load [Yukon]


1103 H1N1 unadjuvanted vax available by appointment this week for pregnant women up to 20 wks [Newfoundland and Labrador]


1103 H1N1 priority groups further restricted [New Brunswick]


1103 Initial results show pregnant women mount strong immune response to one dose of H1N1 flu vax [United States]


1103 Survey: Awareness of COPD is rising but understanding is still low [United States]


1103 H1N1 vax distributed to more than 900 providers [Pennsylvania]


1103 H1N1-related death reported [Nebraska]


1103 First H1N1-related death announced [North Dakota]


1103 Families asked to be patient while waiting for H1N1 vax [Louisiana]


1103 Pregnant women targeted for H1N1 vax [Iowa]


1103 Statewide H1N1 vax blitz planned [Oklahoma]


1103 If the Green River floods, follow the signs [King County, Washington]


1103 Pediatric H1N1-related death in Bernalillo County [New Mexico]


1030 NSTU wants H1N1 vaccine clinics in schools [Nova Scotia]


1030 Province evaluating vax plans as supplies significantly less than expected [Saskatchewan]


1030 Province extends palliative home care drug pilot project [Prince Edward Island]


1030 Temporary changes to visitor guidelines at QE and Prince County Hospitals [Prince Edward Island]


1030 Limited vax requires important changes to H1N1 vax criteria for coming week [Newfoundland and Labrador]


1030 Significant increase in H1N1 flu activity [New Brunswick]


1030 Four confirmed cases of E.coli believed to be linked to Wendy's restaurant [Fredericton NB]


1030 Due to H1N1 vax shortages mass clinics may be postponed [Manitoba]


1030 H1N1 flu vax update - further distribution will include phased approach [British Columbia]


1030 H1N1 flu public clinics set to begin Nov 3 [Vermont]


1030 Vax efforts unprecedented as H1N1 flu becomes widespread [Maine]


1030 H1N1 flu shots to be offered at City colleges [Chicago IL]


1030 H1N1 flu vax available at County Health depts next week [Mississippi]


1030 Three more H1N1 flu-related deaths confirmed [Kansas]


1030 Death of elderly female linked to H1N1 flu [Wyoming]


1029 ERs at Montreal's childrens' hospitals seeing a significant increase in number of children seeking care [Quebec]


1029 Statement from Ontario Medical Association on H1N1 vax delays [Toronto ON]


1029 New advice on H1N1 care [Nova Scotia]


1029 Significantly less H1N1 vax available than had been anticipated [Manitoba]


1029 Flu Assessment Centre opening Oct 30 [Edmonton, Alberta]


1029 H1N1 vax rollout continues [Alberta]


1029 More details about the H1N1 vax distribution program [Massachusetts]


1029 National delays in H1N1 vax distribution highlight need for continued prevention efforts [Pennsylvania]


1029 While we wait for the H1N1 vax: taking charge of your health [by Jason Eberhart-Phillips MD, Kansas State Health Officer and Director of Health, KDHE]


1029 King County Flood Warning Center opens as Snoqualmie, Tolt rivers rise on heavy rains [Washington]


1028 The CHU Saint-Justine and the Montreal Children's Hospital reminds parents that ERs are for urgent care [Quebec]


1028 More than 38,000 vaccinated against H1N1 this week [Manitoba]


1028 Flu assessment clinic opening in Charlottetown [Prince Edward Island]


1028 First H1N1 flu-related hospitalization confirmed [Yukon]


1028 Statement from chief medical officer of health: H1N1 flu clinics update [New Brunswick]


1028 Govt of Canada providing H1N1 travel guidance [Ottawa ON]


1028 First death linked to H1N1 reported as flu is widespread [Vermont]


1028 City officials launch school-based H1N1 vax program [New York City]


1028 Flu activity widespread as H1N1 vax delays continue [New Jersey]


1028 H1N1-related death in an 80-year-old woman [Delaware]


1028 Rumor control: H1N1 vax and prisons [Texas]


1028 Two more H1N1 deaths confirmed [Minnesota]


1028 H1N1 mass vax clinics update [Arkansas]


1028 Child death linked to pertussis [Iowa]


1028 State recommends prioritization of H1N1 vax [Wisconsin]


1028 Strategy for H1N1 vax response [Oklahoma]


1028 Indications flu activity has peaked in Denver-Boulder metro area [Colorado]


1027 Fifth Calgary H1N1 vaccination clinic opens Wednesday, October 28 [Alberta]


1027 Adjuvanted H1N1 vax now available for some pregnant women [Prince Edward Island]


1027 Province has 80 new cases of H1N1 flu [Nova Scotia]


1027 Almost 90 new severe cases of H1N1 flu since Oct 20 [British Columbia]


1027 DHS proposes guidance for anthrax responders [Washington DC]


1027 Clarification on H1N1 priority groups - in English and Spanish [Massachusetts]


1027 DHHS announces activation of H1N1 flu public inquiry line [New Hampshire]


1027 E.coli 0157:H7 found in beef patties after more than 20 children became ill [Massachusetts]


1027 DoH expands list of priority groups served at free H1N1 vax clinics [Washington DC]


1027 High-risk individuals offered H1N1 influenza vaccine [Alabama]


1027 Flu helpline surpasses 5,000 calls [Marion County, Indiana]


1027 State Public Health director urges patience as H1N1 vax supply limited [Illinois]


1027 H1N1 vax continues to trickle into state [Oregon]


1027 Two more flu-related deaths reported [Wyoming]


1026 Estimates indicate 115,000 residents have or have had H1N1 flu [Louisiana]


1026 State announces toll-free H1N1 flu vax hotline [South Dakota]


1026 H1N1 update - activity in province beginning to increase [New Brunswick]


1026 Overall flu activity increased for fifth consecutive week [Canada]


1026 Canada works with Australia to secure additional H1N1 vax for pregnant women [Ottawa ON]


1026 Cautionary note on provincial Tamiflu supply [Vancouver, BC]


1026 H1N1 vax clinics now open [Alberta]


1026 Statement on Declaration of Emergency [Massachusetts]


1024 State has received only 5 percent of requested H1N1 vax - officials ask for patience [Alaska]


1023 Four more H1N1-related deaths reported [Nebraska]


1023 Dept for Public Health urges patience on H1N1 while reporting two additional H1N1-related deaths [Frankfort KY]


1023 Children ages 5-18 with underlying medical conditions will receive H1N1 vax as supplies permit [Little Rock, Arkansas]


1023 Mayor Menino urges patience in light of delays in vax delivery [Boston, Massachusetts]


1023 Many school H1N1 vax clinics postponed due to limited vaccine supply [Vermont]


1023 DoH continues statewide distribution of H1N1 vax [Pennsylvania]


1023 Gov Paterson issues disaster declaration for Essex County and area impacted by Lake Champlain bridge closure [Albany NY]


1023 New Castle County death of 15-year-old boy examined for H1N1 [Delaware]


1023 SOGC recommends that all pregnant women over 20 weeks gestation receive the H1N1 vax immediately [Ottawa ON]


1023 Début de la campagne de vaccination volontaire contre le virus de la grippe A(H1N1) dans la région de l'Outaouais [Gatineau QC]


1023 Students continue to learn about H1N1 prevention at schools [Saskatchewan]


1023 Everyone encouraged to get vax'd [Prince Edward Island]


1023 Tamiflu to be available free of charge with prescription [New Brunswick]


1023 Plans for H1N1 flu clinics being finalized with launch next week [Manitoba]


1023 Province sends first shipment of 700,000 doses of H1N1 vax to health units [Ontario]


1023 Persons at risk for complications and healthcare workers - H1N1 vax to be offered beginning Oct 26 [Quebec]


1023 KDHE announces additional H1N1-related death [Kansas]


1022 Limited availability of flu vax - Focus on the highest priority groups immediately [Maine]


1022 Flu activity widespread - H1N1 confirmed in all regions [Vermont]


1022 DHHS takes steps to limit H1N1 spread at state facilities [North Carolina]


1022 Rumor control: Letter concerning H1N1 vax and prison inmates [Massachusetts]


1022 State reports first H1N1-related death [Delaware]


1022 National H1N1 vax supply not adequate enough to meet public demand [Texas]


1022 Culebra Meat Market recalling certain beef products for E.coli 0157:H7 [San Antonio, Texas]


1022 Response to new FluLine service is “very heavy” - efforts underway to expand system [Minnesota]


1022 State records three more deaths associated with H1N1 novel influenza [Minnesota]


1022 FluLine to offer support and treatment options for people with possible symptoms of influenza [Minnesota]


1022 Anticipated supplies of H1N1 vax slow to arrive [Arkansas]


1022 Public health director warns of potentially contaminated baby food - Plum Organics recalling Apple & Carrot Portable Pouch baby food [Illinois]


1022 State's 211 'clinic finder' connects public to flu shot clinics statewide [Wisconsin]


1022 Another death linked to H1N1 flu [Wyoming]


1022 State releases cache of N95 respirators from emergency stockpile to combat spread of H1N1 in healthcare settings [California]


1021 Flu pandemic requires national plan, say Atlantic mayors [Charlottetown, PEI]


1021 H1N1 outbreak on turkey farm confirmed [Kitchener ON]


1021 Province announces rollout of H1N1 vax campaign [Prince Edward Island]


1021 Province to start H1N1 vax program next week [Newfoundland and Labrador]


1021 Province completes test of tsunami notification system [Victoria, BC]


1021 Province to begin H1N1 immunization campaign [Halifax, NS]


1021 Vax will be available in province starting Oct 26 [Edmonton, AB]


1021 H1N1 vax approved and timing confirmed [Victoria, BC]


1021 Pharmacists to give H1N1 vax [Victoria, BC]


1021 H1N1 vax to begin on Oct 26 [Whitehorse, Yukon]


1021 Guidelines for H1N1 and sporting events [Northwest Territories]


1020 Thirty-three new severe cases of H1N1 since Oct 13 [British Columbia]


1020 Seasonal flu vax manufacturers notify DoH of delay and reduction in shipments [Rhode Island]


1020 Bloomberg launches Flu Fighters initiative to bolster flu prevention efforts [New York City]


1020 School-based H1N1 vax efforts ready for launch [New York City]


1020 State officials understand and share frustration associated with H1N1 vax shortages [Massachusetts]


1020 Finding flu shots in the face of increased demand for H1N1 vax [Delaware]


1020 At-risk group will be focus of first public H1N1 vax clinic [Marion County, Indiana]


1020 DSHS officials expect weekly availability of H1N1 vax to be low for next few weeks [Texas]


1020 DoH recommends revax of some individuals against H1N1 [North Dakota]


1020 DNR and City of St Louis warn of high methane levels near demolition landfill [Missouri]


1020 DHH updates states of Fight The Flu campaign [Louisiana]


1020 H1N1 vax coming more slowly than expected [Oregon]


1020 H1N1 vax available for people with no health insurance and significant health problems [King County, Washington]


1017 H1N1 flu is widespread [Northwest Territories]


1017 Province issues updated guidance H1N1 documents to healthcare providers [Ontario]


1017 H1N1 flu update - vax may be available earlier than November [New Brunswick]


1017 Clinical features of severe cases of pandemic influenza [Global]


1017 States advised of production delays for the new H1N1 vax [Vermont]


1017 H1N1 flu vax clinics getting underway [Connecticut]


1017 Bureau of Insurance announces progress and positive actions to cover H1N1 flu vax [Maine]


1017 Free H1N1 vax clinics for youth, pregnant women [Washington DC]


1017 Additional H1N1 flu vax coming to state [Oklahoma]


1017 State receives fewer than anticipated H1N1 vax doses this week [Colorado]


1017 H1N1 flu vax distribution underway - flu activity high [Wyoming]


1017 First local H1N1 flu death this fall [King County, Washington]


1017 State response to H1N1 continues, Joint Info Center opens [Arizona]


1015 FDA warns of unapproved and illegal H1N1 drug products purchased over the internet [USA]


1015 Dept of Health announces AmbuBus evacuation program [Mississippi]


1015 Dept of Health to launch public health hotline [North Dakota]


1015 New toll-free number to provide 24/7 H1N1 flu and vax info [Missouri]


1015 Flu activity increases in state - 56 schools reporting more than 10 percent absenteeism due to illness [Iowa]


1015 WNv - Tests confirm state's first death from disease [Washington]


1015 H1N1/ILI status report - Level of flu activity very unusual for this time of year and increasing [Utah]


1015 With pandemic H1N1 on the rise, Public Health stresses importance of prevention and vaccination [Utah]


1015 First H1N1 flu death of patient with no serious prior medical problems [Kansas]


1014 Central Region health directors encouraging parents to complete H1N1 vax permission forms [Virginia]


1014 State University of New York launches H1N1 pandemic flu strategy [Albany]


1014 Indianapolis area hospitals modify visitation policies in response to flu season [Indiana]


1014 Seasonal flu shots now available at county health depts [Mississippi]


1014 Schools providing free flu shots to state's children beginning today [Arkansas]


1014 Two additional deaths related to H1N1 [Arkansas]


1014 Cherokee County death linked to H1N1 flu [Alabama]


1014 Stop flu at school vax clinics begin [Hawai'i]


1014 H1N1: Tips for when to seek medical advice [Oregon]


1014 Dept of Health completes critical resource shortages planning guide and implementation toolkit [Virginia]


1014 H1N1 vax to be more widely available over next few weeks [Delaware]


1013 Province hosts 2009 Atlantic 911 conference [Prince Edward Island]


1013 Fire and emergency services training school to be hosted in Stephenville [Newfoundland and Labrador]


1013 New directory for persons with disabilities launched [New Brunswick]


1013 Province supports doctors to treat more H1N1 patients [British Columbia]


1013 H1N1 flu under surveillance [British Columbia]


1013 Town hall meeting in Iqaluit tackles H1N1 vax myths [Canada]


1013 Govt of Canada launches H1N1 preparedness guide [Canada]


1009 FluWatch reports slightly higher flu activity [Canada]


1009 Seasonal flu vax now available for those over 65 [Prince Edward Island]


1009 Delays in shipments of and high demand for season flu vax cause confusion [New Hampshire]


1009 H1N1 State changing the way it reports flu hospitalizations and deaths [North Carolina]


1009 Salmonella Typhimurium outbreak linked to consumption of raw alfalfa sprouts [Michigan]


1009 Seasonal flu vaccine is in short supply for now [Vermont]


1009 H1N1 DPH reports two additional flu-related deaths [Kentucky]


1009 H1N1 DPH launches new public toll free hotline [Kentucky]


1009 H1N1 Fourth flu death reported [Iowa]


1009 H1N1 Mobile death linked to flu [Alabama]


1009 H1N1 State Health dept activates hotline [Oklahoma]


1009 H1N1 DHH confirms arrival of limited doses of vax [Louisiana]


1009 H1N1 DHH confirms three deaths from flu [Louisiana]


1009 H1N1 Additional doses of vax expected to arrive next week [North Dakota]


1009 H1N1 DSHS provides vax update [Texas]


1009 H1N1 DoH provides recommendations for people sick with flu symptoms [New Mexico]


1009 Health improves in some but not all realms for King County residents, as shown by new Community Health Indicators [King County Washington]


1009 H1N1 Flu infection contributes to death of Bannock County teen [Idaho]


1009 H1N1 Second death reported as flu is widespread in state [Wyoming]


1009 H1N1 Both seasonal flu and H1N1 vax to be available [Colorado]


1009 ER staff can help detect and prevent domestic violence [Utah]


1009 H1N1 Flu vax is safe and important during pregnancy [Utah]


1009 H1N1 DoH confirms additional death related to flu [Hawai'i]


1009 H1N1 Get vax'd - state public health director [California]


1009 Lights, camera, save lives! Video contest deadline approaching [California]


1009 CDPH publishes study on autism and maternal and paternal age [California]


1003 H1N1 : State records three new deaths associated with H1N1 flu [Minnesota]


1003 H1N1 : First supply of H1N1 vaccine will go to healthcare and emergency medical workers [Minnesota]


1003 H1N1 : State expecting first doses of H1N1 vax to arrive next week [North Dakota]


1003 H1N1 : DHH and LHSAA team up to beat H1N1 [Louisiana]


1003 ILI : Seasonal flu vax to be available for high-risk groups at parish health units [Louisiana]


1003 H1N1 : State reports first H1N1 death [South Dakota]


1003 H1N1 : State places order for first shipment of H1N1 vax [South Dakota]


1003 H1N1 : Fifteen deaths now linked to H1N1 flu [Alabama]


1003 H1N1 : Three additional deaths linked to H1N1 flu [Alabama]


1003 H1N1 : DOH places first order for H1N1 flu vax and launches new info website [Hawaii]


1002 Health warning on certain imported dried plums containing elevated levels of lead [Colorado]


1002 H1N1 : State expects small amount of 2009 H1N1 vax next week [Colorado]


1002 H1N1 : Community readies for arrival of H1N1 flu vax [Washington]


1002 H1N1 : Dept of Health announces two deaths in children related to H1N1 flu [New Mexico]


1001 American Samoa tsunami response [Washington DC]








1105 Slight rise in the number of people seeing GP with ILI [New Zealand]


1105 Health warning continues on semi-dried tomatoes - Another 23 Hep C cases in the past week [Melbourne, VIC]


1105 Free vaccine extended to swine flu at risk groups [New Zealand]


1105 Chief Health Officer encourages Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 influenza vaccination [Sydney NSW]


1105 Historic agreement for Trauma Response Centre and Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane [Darwin NT]


1105 Road safety campaign targets residential streets [Canberra ACT]


1105 Mandatory car restraints to protect children [Canberra ACT]


1105 Minister encourages all to vaccinate against H1N1 flu [Canberra ACT]


1101 53-year-old male fatal meningococcal case [Adelaide, South Australia]


1101 Volunteer rural safety advocate wins top state safety award [Tasmania, Australia]


1101 Reviews of Civil Defence tsunami response released [New Zealand]


1101 Volunteers prepare to rescue Wellington [New Zealand]


1101 New parents to receive free whooping cough vax [Victoria, Australia]


1101 Next year's seasonal flu vax will contain pandemic flu strain [New Zealand]


1024 Hep C update: None of those screened have contracted the disease [Adelaide SA]


1024 Health Update: New Zealand health response in Samoa winds down [NZ]


1024 Morning round up and latest fire activity as at 9am [Queensland]


1024 H1N1-related death of 35-year-old woman with underlying medical conditions [Waikato NZ]


1024 H1N1 update: Number of deaths continues to increase [Australia]


1014 Health response in Samoa moves to recovery phase [New Zealand]


1014 Precautionary Hep C screening [South Australia]


1014 Final days of free pandemic flu vax clinics [Western Australia]


1004 Operation Niuatoputapu [Tonga]


1001 Qld disaster experts deploy for Sumatra quake effort [Queensland]


1001 NSW deploys doctors to assist in Samoa [New South Wales]


1001 H1N1 : Pandemic vax commences [New South Wales]


1001 Minister praises Kiwis' readiness for tsunami [New Zealand]


1001 Orion heads to Samoa, Hercules on stand-by [New Zealand]


1001 Minister calls for Civil Defence review [New Zealand]


1001 Samoa quake and tsunami response [New Zealand]


1001 PM to assess Samoan tsunami damage firsthand [New Zealand]


1001 Health sector rallies to support Samoa [New Zealand]


1001 Clean your smoke alarms as part of dust storm mop-up [New South Wales]


1001 H1N1/ILI : Pandemic flu vax available for all Victorians [Victoria]


1001 H1N1/ILI : Free pandemic flu vax available for all [Australia]


1001 H1N1/ILI : New flu testing equipment for all States and Territories [Australia]


1001 Injury deaths twice as likely for men [Australia]


1001 H1N1/ILI : Reported level of flu has declined [New Zealand]








1113 More than 1.2 million cases of ARI and 239 deaths in the Ukraine [Europe update]


1113 Cas probable de syndrome de Guillain-Barré [France]


1113 Sanidad centra la segunda fase de la campaña sobre la gripe A en la vacunación de los grupos prioritarios [Spain]


1113 Plus de 29,000 nouveaux cas de grippe A/H1N1 pour la semaine passée [Belgium]


1113 H1N1 flu related death reported from NHS Dumfries and Galloway [Scotland]


1113 Increased rate of ILI-related GP consultations [Scotland]


1113 H1N1 flu related death reported from NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde [Scotland]


1113 Use of antiviral drugs stepped up as flu epidemic spreads [Finland]


1113 Case of infant botulism [Scotland]


1113 Currently 191 hospitalized with pandemic flu with 22 of those in ICU [Ireland]


1113 Contingency planning for 24-hour strike on 24 November [Ireland]


1113 Dalkey residents to have easier access to primary care services [Ireland]


1113 First team of HSE South advanced paramedics deployed in West Cork [Ireland]


1113 HSE updated statement on C Diff at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital Drogheda [Ireland]


1113 HSE to write to parents and older people shortly inviting them for a Swine Flu Vaccine appointments [Ireland]


1113 HPA modelling estimate of 64,000 new cases of pandemic flu last week [England]


1107 Forte recommandation de vaccination contre le virus A(H1N1) - Maintien, à ce stade, d’un schéma vaccinal à deux doses [France]


1107 Informe semanal de situación gripe pandémica A (H1N1) [Spain]


1107 Grippe A/H1N1 : la vaccination des groupes prioritaires débute demain [Belgium]


1107 Évolution de la grippe A/H1N1 en Belgique : rapport hebdomadaire [Belgium]


1107 Avis du Conseil Supérieur de la Santé (CSS) relatif à l’augmentation du nombre de dons de sang durant une pandémie [Belgium]


1107 Accord entre le Comité scientifique Influenza et les gynécologues sur l’utilisation du vaccin contre la grippe A/H1N1 chez les femmes enceinte [Belgium]


1107 Another H1N1 flu-related death from NHS Ayrshire and Arran brings toll to 32 [Scotland]


1107 Decrease in rate of GP consultations for ILI [Scotland]


1107 H1N1-related flu death from NHS Ayrshire and Arran [Scotland]


1107 Updating H1N1/ILI/Acute Respiratory Infections numbers in Ukraine outbreak - 936,804 cases and 144 deaths [Ukraine]


1107 H1N1 update from Ukraine - Nearly 200,000 more cases of ARI since Nov 4 [Stockholm Sweden]


1027 Two more H1N1 flu-related deaths reported [Scotland]


1027 Another pediatric H1N1-related death reported [Ireland]


1027 H1N1 flu epidemic about to start - First death confirmed [Finland]


1017 Informe semanal de situación gripe pandémica A (H1N1) [Spain]


1017 Evolution de la grippe A/H1N1 et des mesures en Belgique : rapport hebdomadaire [Belgium]


1017 Quatrième cas mortel de grippe pandémique A/H1N1 [Belgium]


1017 Troisième cas mortel de grippe pandémique A/H1N1 [Belgium]


1017 Seventeen-year-old pregnant woman dies after contracting H1N1 flu [Scotland]


1017 H1N1 vax program to begin Oct 21 [Scotland]


1017 Details of H1N1 flu vax program announced [Ireland]


1017 H1N1 flu rate increasing with main burden of disease remaining with school-aged children and young adults [England]


1017 H1N1 flu levels continue to increase [Wales]


1004 H1N1 : Le recours aux soins pour grippe clinique et infections respiratoires aiguës tend à se stabiliser [France]


1004 H1N1 : Deuxième décès suite à la grippe pandémique A/H1N1 [Belgium]


1004 H1N1 : Govt to pay for nurses returning to work as result of flu pandemic [Scotland]


1004 H1N1 : New actions to combat virus outbreak [Scotland]


1004 H1N1 : 62-year-old female death on Oct 1 [Scotland]


1004 E.coli in Surrey update 18 [England]


1004 HPV vax update [England]


1001 E.coli in Surrey update 17 [England]


1001 H1N1/ILI : Rates of flu-like illness have shown further increases [England]








1027 Swine flu panic shuts down 2,000 schools [Iraq]


1027 Swine flu risk for Cairo’s overcrowded schools [Egypt]








1105 Evacuation mitigates Typhoon Mirinae’s impact [Philippines]


1105 WHO official supports H1N1 emergency measures - including three-week closure of all schools [Afghanistan]


1105 WASH concerns a month after Sumatra quake [Indonesia]


1105 Damage, loss and preliminary needs assessment from West Sumatra and Jambi regions [Indonesia]


1105 Tropical Storm Mirinae catches country by surprise [Vietnam]


1029 Update on H1N1 flu outbreak at male ward of Siu Lam Hospital [Hong Kong]


1029 Total of 1,340 patients with flu-like symptoms attended clinics in past week [Hong Kong]


1029 Designated Flu Clinics to adjust weekend and holiday opening hours [Hong Kong]


1028 Legislative query concerning passengers carrying oxygen cylinders on public transport [Hong Kong]


1027 H1N1 outbreak at Male Ward of SLH [Hong Kong]


1027 Two new critical cases of human swine influenza [Hong Kong]


1026 Two fatal cases of human swine influenza [Hong Kong]


1024 A fatal case of human swine influenza at TMH [Hong Kong]


1023 Fatal case of human swine influenza at Queen Elizabeth Hospital [Hong Kong]


1023 Very high Air Pollution Index in the next few days expected [Hong Kong]


1022 Detection of human swine influenza virus resistant to Tamiflu [Hong Kong]


1022 1,863 patients with flu-like symptoms attended designated clinics in past week [Hong Kong]


1021 A critical case of human swine influenza at Queen Elizabeth Hospital [Hong Kong]


1020 Fatal case of human swine influenza at Queen Elizabeth Hospital [Hong Kong]


1019 CHP investigating a case of Legionnaires' disease involving 69-year-old man [Hong Kong]


1016 A critical case of human swine influenza at Princess Margaret Hospital [Hong Kong]


1015 CHP investigating a case of Legionnaires' disease [Hong Kong]


1015 3,240 patients with flu-like symptoms attended designated clinics in past week [Hong Kong]


1013 New lease of life for traditional medicine [Myanmar]


1013 Pregnant women vulnerable in evacuation camps [Philippines]


1013 Diseases strike West Sumatra quake survivors [Indonesia]


1013 Analysis: Afghan health NGOs - a mixed blessing? [Afghanistan]


1013 Polio outbreak in Swat [Pakistan]


1004 Flood relief operations at war footing by the IAF helicopters [India]


1004 FEMA update on continued federal preparedness and response efforts in the Pacific [Washington DC]


1004 PMI provides free satellite phone service in affected areas [Indonesia]


1004 Ketsana casualties up to 162 [Viet Nam]


0930 H1N1 : Update of clustering of HSI cases in paediatric ward in PYNEH [Hong Kong]









1112 Mechanical ventilation for patients with lung damage don't always work as planned [Toronto ON]


1112 New polls, reports highlight the need to update the US food safety system [New York NY]


1112 People entering their 60s may have more disabilities today than in prior generations [Los Angeles CA]


1112 Researchers mobilizing global resources to test new treatments for severe H1N1 infection [Toronto ON]


1112 Health care accounts for 8 percent of US carbon footprint [Chicago IL]


1112 Over 2,200 veterans died in 2008 due to lack of health insurance [Boston MA]


1112 Ventilation treatment in prone position for ARDS does not provide significant survival benefit [Milan Italy]


1112 One in four hospitalized heart failure patients with Medicare back in hospital within a month [Dallas TX]


1112 Using science to save lives of mothers and children in Africa [Accra Ghana]


1112 Back pain permanently sidelines soldiers at war [Baltimore MD]


1112 Fewer emergency patients seen within recommended time frame [New Haven CT]


1112 Exposure to several common infections over time may be associated with risk of stroke [New York NY]


1112 Deep creep means milder, more frequent earthquakes along Southern California's San Jacinto fault [Miami FL]


1112 Psychiatric impact of torture could be amplified by head injury [Boston MA]


1112 Study finds news reports match misperception of civilian deaths [New York NY]


1107 Poll: Many parents, high-priority adults who tried to get H1N1 vaccine unable to get it [Boston MA]


1107 NHLBI stops enrollment in study on resuscitation methods for cardiac arrest - Different CPR durations found equally successful; CPR device does not add benefit [Bethesda MD]


1107 Less than 1 in 3 Toronto bystanders who witness a cardiac arrest try to help: Study [Toronto ON]


1107 Use of N95 masks challenged - Infectious diseases prevention experts say current H1N1 guidance for healthcare workers not supported by science [Arlington VA]


1107 When should flu trigger a school shutdown? Analysis of data from Japan suggests a protocol for schools to follow [Boston MA]


1107 Study finds big air pollution impacts on local communities - Traffic corridors in Long Beach and Riverside are a major contributor to illness from childhood asthma [Los Angeles CA]


1107 Community education and evacuation planning saved lives in Sept. 29 Samoan tsunami [Atlanta GA]


1107 New insight into predicting cholera epidemics in the Bengal Delta [Medford MA]


1107 Earthquakes actually aftershocks of 19th century quakes - Repercussions of 1811 and 1812 New Madrid quakes continue to be felt [Chicago IL]


1107 Study suggests rainwater is safe to drink [Adelaide SA]


1107 World Trade Center responders plagued with asthma [New York NY]


1107 Report on H1N1 cases in California shows hospitalization can occur at all ages, with many severe [Richmond CA]


1107 Sneezing in times of a flu pandemic [Ann Arbor MI]


1107 Researchers discover links between city walkability and air pollution exposure [Vancouver BC]


1107 The entwined destinies of mankind and leprosy bacteria [Lausanne Switzerland]


1107 Cause of common chronic diarrhea revealed in new research [London England]


1107 Modified Bluetooth speeds up telemedicine [Coimbatore India]


1107 PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative shares strategy for developing 'next-generation' malaria vaccines [Nairobi Kenya]


1107 Study examines associations between antibiotic use during pregnancy and birth defects [Atlanta GA]


1107 Ineffective monotherapies common in high-burden malarious countries [Nairobi Kenya]


1107 First national zinc campaign for childhood diarrhea increases awareness, but use lags behind [International Center for Diarrhoeal Research]


1107 Genes and environment may interact to influence risk for post-traumatic stress disorder [New Haven CT]


1107 Many US children may live in families receiving food stamps [St Louis MO]


1107 Notorious 'man-eating' lions of Tsavo likely ate about 35 people -- not 135 [Santa Cruz CA]


1103 Mount Sinai assessing health impacts of 1 of the nation's largest environmental disasters [New York NY]


1103 Flu vaccine given to women during pregnancy keeps infants out of the hospital [New Haven CT]


1103 Poorly cleaned public cruise ship restrooms may predict norovirus outbreaks [Boston MA]


1103 Health literacy rates are lower for the disabled and those with lower English proficiency [Columbia MO]


1103 Scientists report major advance in human antibody therapy against deadly Nipah virus [Rockville MD]


1103 A look at public policies and motorcycle safety in the US [Coral Gables FL]


1103 Cell phones become handheld tools for global development [Seattle WA]


1103 New model may help scientists better predict and prevent influenza outbreaks [Athens GA]


1103 Whooping cough immunity lasts longer than previously thought [Ann Arbor MI]


1103 Lack of insurance may have figured in nearly 17,000 childhood deaths [Baltimore MD]


1103 PTSD less common than depression and alcohol misuse amongst UK troops [London England]


1103 Undocumented foreign-born Latinos face serious financial and language barriers to quality health care [Los Angeles CA]


1103 Member of NFL Hall of Fame diagnosed with degenerative brain disease [Boston MA]


1103 Smoking gun: just 1 cigarette has harmful effect on the arteries of young healthy adults [Edmonton AB]


1103 Significant regional variations exist regarding proximity to burn centers [Seattle WA]


1103 Patients starting dialysis have increased risk of death [Leiden, the Netherlands]


1030 Risk of serious flu-related sickness far outpaces risk of injectable vaccine in pregnant women [Baltimore MD]


1030 Pandemic flu vaccine campaigns may be undermined by coincidental medical events [Cincinnati OH]


1030 Patients in US five times more likely to spend last days in ICU than patients in England [Columbia University]


1030 Important new novel 2009 H1N1 flu advisory for cardiopulmonary transplantation [New York NY]


1030 Boys with urogenital birth defects are 33 percent more common in villages sprayed with DDT [University of Pretoria]


1030 Despite risk, older African Americans more likely than others to avoid flu vax [Buffalo NY]


1029 NIAID scientists propose new explanation for flu virus antigenic drift [Bethesda MD]


1027 Older patients with dementia at increased risk for flu mortality [Boston MA]


1026 Latest analysis confirms suboptimal vitamin D levels in millions of US children [Boston MA]


1026 Vast majority of physicians satisfied with hospital chaplain services [Chicago IL]


1026 Heart attacks become more common but less often fatal in women [USC]


1026 Weather patterns help predict dengue fever outbreaks [Hong Kong China]


1026 Study reveals high death rates and short life expectancy among the homeless and marginally housed [Toronto ON]


1026 Deadly stomach infection rising in community settings [Rochester MN]


1026 The pain of torture can make the innocent seem guilty [Cambridge, MA]


1026 Researchers identify dominant chemical that attracts mosquitoes to humans [UC Davis]


1021 Researchers can predict hurricane-related power outages [Baltimore MD]


1021 Major swine flu outbreak at US Air Force Academy provided unique opportunity to study virus behavior [San Diego CA]


1021 Calling it in: New emergency medical service system may predict caller's fate [Yokohama City, Japan]


1021 Latest diabetes figures paint grim global picture [Montreal QC]


1021 Illness often undiscovered and undertreated among the uninsured [Boston MA]


1021 Comparison finds considerable differences on estimates of future physician workforce supply [Hanover NH]


1021 New immigrants more likely to be homeless due to economic factors rather than health issues [Toronto ON]


1021 Review: Pneumococcal conjugate vaccines effective at preventing child deaths [Washington DC]


1021 Report examines hidden costs of energy production and use [Washington DC]


1021 Tsunami evacuation buildings: another way to save lives in the Pacific Northwest [Boulder CO]


1021 Study finds mercury levels in children with autism and those developing typically are the same [UC Davis]


1021 Clots traveling from lower veins may not be the cause of pulmonary embolism in trauma patients [Boston MA]


1021 Violence between couples is usually calculated, and does not result from loss of control [Haifa, Israel]


1021 Paradigm shift needed to combat drug resistance - international human migration needs to be factored into infectious disease policy [Hamilton ON]


1021 New mathematical model more accurately diagnoses acute heart failure in emergency rooms [Toronto ON]


1021 Magnetic leaves reveal most polluted byways [Boulder CO]


1021 New laryngoscope could make difficult intubations easier [Augusta GA]


1021 Outfoxing pox: Developing a new class of vaccine candidates [Arizona State University]


1021 News in red and blue: Messages about social factors and health can backfire [Ann Arbor MI]


1021 Scientists find 'molecular trigger' for sudden death in epilepsy [Houston TX]


1021 Is the person next to you washing their hands with soap? [London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine]


1021 Popular antidepressant associated with a dramatic increase in suicidal thoughts amongst men [Kings College, London UK]


1021 Dying from dementia - far greater access to palliative care required [Indianapolis IN]


1021 Fighting flu: Stricter hand hygiene in schools only a short-term measure [London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine]


1021 CT scans show patients with severe cases of H1N1 are at risk for developing acute pulmonary emboli [University of Michigan]


1017 Infectious disease experts express concern over N95 recommendations [Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America]


1014 Earlier flu viruses provided some immunity to current H1N1 influenza [UC Davis]


1014 Flu surveillance boosts control, treatment options [University of Alabama at Birmingham]


1014 H1N1 critical illness can occur rapidly; predominantly affects young patients [JAMA]


1014 Critical illness from 2009 H1N1 in Mexico associated with high fatality rate [JAMA]


1014 ECMO saves lives: Swine flu study [Monash University]


1014 Should noninvasive ventilation be considered a high-risk procedure during an epidemic? [CMAJ]


1014 Over half of cot deaths occur while co-sleeping [BMJ]


1014 Canadian blood supply future uncertain as population ages: Study [McMaster University]


1014 H1N1 simulation modeling shows rapid vaccine rollout effective in reducing infection rates [Canadian Medical Association Journal]


1010 NIH prepares to launch 2009 H1N1 influenza vaccine trial in people with asthma [NIH]


1010 NIH launches 2009 H1N1 influenza vaccine trials in HIV-infected pregnant women [NIH]


1010 Lessons learned from H1N1 virus pandemic - High impact on ICU beds [Monash University]


1010 US must focus on protecting critical computer networks from cyber attack [RAND]


1010 Major healthcare challenges persist for DC children despite high rates of health insurance coverage [Children's National Medical Center/ RAND Health]


1010 Injury and hazards in home health care nursing are a growing concern [Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health]


1010 Insured African-Americans more likely to use emergency room than other insured groups [UCLA]


1010 New study finds high rates of childhood exposure to violence and abuse in US [University of New Hampshire]


1010 Draft NIST report on Cowboys facility collapse released for comment [National Institute of Standards and Technology]


1010 For safer emergencies, give your power generator some space [National Institute of Standards and Technology]


1010 The high cost of treating alcohol-impaired drivers [Injury Prevention Center at Rhode Island Hospital]


1010 Intensive care units poorly equipped to care for the dying [Sahlgrenska Academy]


1010 Research gives new meaning to 'green' cross code [University of Leeds]


1010 New technology detects chemical weapons in seconds [Queen's University Belfast]


1010 Tracing ultra-fine dust [Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT in Aachen]


1010 Air pollution may trigger appendicitis [University of Toronto/ Health Canada]


1010 Keeping children safe: Rethinking design [University of Toronto/ The Hospital for Sick Children]


1010 Costs of expanding health care coverage partly offset by future Medicare savings [Harvard Medical School]


1010 Analyses of flu pandemics project savings from earlier vaccinations [Stanford University Medical Center]


1010 Child burn injuries down significantly yet alarming number of children still being injured [Nationwide Children's Hospital]


1010 Battery ingestion not uncommon in children; caregivers and physicians need education [American Academy of Otolaryngology]


1010 Global death toll: 1 million premature babies every year [March of Dimes Foundation]


1003 Survey finds just 40 percent of adults 'absolutely certain' they will get H1N1 vaccine [Harvard School of Public Health]


1003 How to limit risk of climate catastrophe [MIT]


1003 Half-million low-income elderly affected by sweeping cuts to state safety net [UCLA]


1003 Surgical masks vs. N95 respirators for preventing influenza among health-care workers [McMaster University]


1003 Parasite bacteria may help fight spread of mosquito-borne diseases [Wellcome Trust]


1003 Gun possession of questionable value in an assault [University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine]


1003 San Andreas affected by 2004 Sumatran quake - Largest quakes can weaken fault zones worldwide [Rice University]


1003 Securing biological select agents and toxins will require developing a culture of trust [National Academy of Sciences]


1003 Peer pressure builds more latrines than financial assistance [Duke University]


1003 Physician-assisted suicide does not increase severity of depression, grief among family members [Oregon Health & Science University]


1003 Using computational models to study fear [University of Missouri]


1003 Protect children first with H1N1 flu vax [University of Alabama at Birmingham]


1003 New way to monitor faults may help predict earthquakes [Carnegie Institution's Department of Terrestrial Magnetism]


1003 Celebs spawn copycat suicides [Queen Mary Research Centre for Psychology]


1003 Prenatal exposure to flu pandemic increased chances of heart disease [University of Southern California]


1003 Treating even mild gestational diabetes reduces birth complications [NIH/National Institute of Child Health and Human Development]


1003 Air pollutants from abroad a growing concern [National Research Council]


1003 Most would refuse emergency use H1N1 vaccine or additive [University of Pittsburgh Schools of the Health Sciences]


1003 Uninterrupted chest-compressions key to survival in cardiac arrest outside hospital setting [UT Southwestern Medical Center]


1003 Electronic medical records could be used as a predictor of domestic abuse [Children's Hospital Boston Informatics Program and Harvard Medical School]


1003 Cold water cyclones may have strong impact on hurricane intensity and activity [LSU]


1003 Universal screening lowers risk of severe jaundice in infants [UCSF]


1003 Women with diabetes at increased risk for irregular heart rhythm [Kaiser Permanente]


1003 Risk of bone fractures associated with use of diabetes drug [London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine]


1003 What proportion of psychotic illness is due to cannabis? [University of New South Wales Sydney]









1110 Fight the flu: Tips to stop the spread in the workplace [Arizona]


1107 Online flu seminar for business to prepare for impact of H1N1 flu [Scotland]


1107 Digital 'plaster' for monitoring vital signs undergoes first clinical trials [London England]


1103 FDA publishes guidance on diagnostic tests for H1N1 flu virus [United States]


1023 Got the flu? Now is not the time for a sick note: Ontario's doctors [Toronto ON]


1020 FDA approves seasonal flu vax Fluarix for pediatric use [Rockville MD]


1020 FDA, FTC issue joint warning letter to website offering fraudulent H1N1 flu supplements [Washington DC]


1017 DHSS offers online education webinar for H1N1 [New Jersey]


1015 DHS Sec announces new proposed standards for private sector preparedness [USA]


1009 H1N1 Govt helping workplaces prepare [Saskatchewan]


1009 H1N1 Flu communication toolkit for businesses presented [Virginia]









1029 Public can now vote for top H1N1 videos [California]


1027 New campaign recruits citizens to be 'Flu Fighters' [Utah]


1026 HHS and Sesame Workshop release 13 new flu prevention radio PSAs featuring Governors and Elmo [Washington DC]


1023 PURPLE shaken baby training program expands to foster parents [British Columbia]


1022 H1N1 flu: know when to seek medical care [South Dakota]


1020 Caring for a flu patient at home [South Dakota]


1009 H1N1 HHS and the Ad Council launch national campaign [Washington DC]


1009 H1N1 HHS unveils new features on Flu. gov [Washington DC]


1009 H1N1 New guide available for community and faith-based organizations working to help Americans stay healthy [Washington DC]









1103 Legislation introduced to restore emergency care [Victoria BC]


1030 Hudak calls on Premier to remove H1N1 vax roadblocks [Queen's Park ON]


1029 Assistance to Shelter Act will protect homeless in extreme weather [British Columbia]


1029 Governor issues Executive Order to assist local govts with statewide H1N1 vax campaign [New York]


1029 Governor renews Civil Emergency Order to fight flu, facilitate school-based vax [Maine]


1027 Good Neighbor Protocol to be signed [Nova Scotia]


1024 President Obama signs emergency declaration for H1N1 flu [Washington DC]


1013 The increasing phenomena of homelessness - Shelters want to hear mayoral candidates' positions [Montreal Quebec]


1009 Changes to Emergency Management Act makes communities stronger [Nova Scotia]


1003 Fifty-nine percent support Massachusetts' landmark 2006 health reform law [Boston]








1030 Immunize our front-line corrections staff, OPSEU tells McGuinty [Toronto ON]


1023 Vaccination contre la grippe A (H1N1): les droits du personnel de la santé seront respectés [Montreal QC]


1009 H1N1 Expanded call to action for healthcare workers willing to support flu response [Manitoba]


1009 H1N1 La FIQ somme le ministre Bolduc de cesser de faire la sourde oreille à la situation non sécuritaire des professionnelles en soins enceintes [Quebec]


1009 H1N1 La FIQ exige que les professionnelles en soins enceintes soient retirées de leur milieu de travail [Quebec]


1009 Gov Patrick releases $8.1M in first round of stimulus funding to rehire firefighters [Massachusetts]


1009 Fenty administration announces revisions to first responders health benefits [Washington DC]








CDC H1N1 Flu Media Briefing

1112 Atlanta GA

From April through October 17th, CDC estimates 22 million people have become ill from pandemic flu.

CDC estimates 98,000 hospitalizations through October 17th

CDC estimates 3,900 deaths in the first six months of the pandemic

Anne Schuchat: Good afternoon, everyone.  It’s a pleasure to update you this afternoon.  You know, since the emergence of the 2009 h1n1 virus, we've been talking about the laboratory confirmed cases, hospitalizations and deaths, potentially giving an incomplete picture of the story of this pandemic.  Today I’ll be sharing estimates that we hope will provide a picture of what's been going on.  October 17th, I think these estimates really stress how critical our vaccine recommendations are in the priority groups we've focused on.  I’m going to touch on three areas.  First a quick update about the vaccine program.  Secondly highlighting one of the groups that's very hard hit with influenza complications.  People with diabetes.  Lastly I’ll expand on the estimates that we have for you today.  The picture of the vaccine supply first today we have 41.6 million doses of influenza vaccines that are available for the states to order.  We believe that will be somewhat less than what manufacturers expected to reach at this point.  It’s very difficult to predict with vaccine production for influenza.  41.6 million is more than we had before but not as much as we hoped to have by today.  Again, it's an imperfect process both producing vaccine and then projecting how many doses you'll have at any one point.  Seasonal flu vaccine continues to be distributed.  The update is 94 million doses have been distributed of the seasonal flu vaccine.  Last week it was 91 million.  That’s continuing to progress.  Manufacturers expect us to have 114 million doses by the end of the year.  We’ll see if we make that prediction they have made for us.  The immunization efforts for this supply continue to be focused on the target population, priority groups, pregnant women, health care workers, children up to age 24, adults 65 with chronic conditions and parents with small children and children under six years of age.  These are where they are focusing vaccination efforts.  We do expect and have seen a variety of getting vaccine into the path of where priority populations are.  States and cities are really in the best position to know how to reach their population.  many are doing school located clinics, map community clinics, health care providers, hospitals, clinics, employer-based clinics, a variety of approaches that do make sense when you have as many groups to cover as we have.  As the supply increases, we do think that access and convenience and ease of getting vaccinated will improve.  it may take longer in some areas than others, but reminder that all of the states are receiving amount of vaccines proportion ate to their population and trying to serve their populations as best as possible.  Next I want to turn to diabetes and flu.... 




Managing and Supporting Pandemic Response: Information and Communication Threats, Risks and Mitigating controls

[1028 Ottawa ON by Tyson Macaulay, CISA, CISSP, Hon BA]

Teleworking, as a core form of “social distancing”, is at the centre of pandemic response and risk management strategies for most organizations. Therefore pandemic response for most organizations relies on information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure. These strategies are subject to a set of cascading threats and risks associated with service-degradation in help desks, voice messaging, telephony services, internet services and ultimately information assets.

This paper starts by illustrating four potential stages of impact which may occur in a domino-like sequence once a pandemic response has been activated. We then proceed to discuss a total of thirty-three sample controls which might be employed to mitigate the risk to ICT and information assets. Sample controls are grouped as management controls (ie, policy, contracting and risk transfer), operational (ie, procedures, standards) and technical (ie, ICT hardware, software or configuration)...

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National Council on Disability recommends sweeping emergency management changes for people with disabilities

20090812 USA Washington DC--The National Council on Disability (NCD) today released its report

Effective Emergency Management: Making Improvements for Communities and People with Disabilities, calling on federal, state, and local authorities to make sweeping changes in emergency management practices for people with disabilities.

According to NCD Chairperson John R. Vaughn, "NCD's first evaluation of government work in this area was published in a 2005 report Saving Lives: Including People with Disabilities in Emergency Planning. That report laid out a scenario of a major hurricane striking the Gulf Coast and outlined steps that the federal government should take to include people with disabilities in emergency preparedness, disaster relief, and homeland security. Hurricane Katrina struck four months later..."

Read the full article FOR THE RECORD



Dr. Stephen Duckett President & CEO, Alberta Health Services

The Pandemic is now here and we have work to do

Presented to the Calgary Chamber of Commerce

1102 Calgary AB

Hello everyone, and thank you for inviting me here today to speak about our shared task, our shared
responsibility, to confront the challenges of H1N1, or
Pandemic H1N1 2009 as our clinicians call it.

H1N1 is now well and truly upon us. Our Emergency
Departments are reporting increased demand, so much so that we have opened two new Influenza Assessment clinics – one in Edmonton and one here in Calgary at Richmond Road, to ease pressure on our Emergencies.

Twenty-five new hospitalized cases of H1N1 as of last Friday bring the total to 258 since April, including 100 hospitalized cases in the last month.

There have been 14 deaths in Alberta so far and nearly
100 across Canada.

Today, our clinical leaders will announce a plan, for the
period of the vaccine shortage, to focus on high-risk groups, including pregnant woman; children six months to less than five years of age; people under 65 with chronic health conditions; people living in remote and isolated
communities; and health care workers...

Please continue to read TRANSCRIPT



Egypt: #H5N1--75th and 76th confirmed cases [May 28 Cairo]


Egypt: #H5N1--70th, 71st, 72nd, 73rd, and 74th confirmed human cases [May 22 Cairo]


Egypt: 69th confirmed human cases of H5N1--deaths of previously confirmed cases [May 18 Sohag]


Scotland: Ensuring resilience to pandemic outbreak with 'Cauld Craw' exercise [Apr 22 Edinburgh]


Egypt: 65th and 66th human cases of H5N1 infection confirmed [Apr 22 Cairo]


United States: FDA researchers contribute insights into avian flu virus [Apr 22 Rockville MD]


Tibet: China confirms bird flu outbreak in Lhasa [Apr 22 Beijing]


Egypt: 64th human case of H5N1 infection confirmed [Apr 20 Cairo]


Hawai'i: Surviving the next pandemic - Public dialogue project launched [Apr 14 Honolulu]


Minnesota: Duluth will be site of community forum on recommendations for allocating medical resources in an influenza pandemic [Apr 11 Minneapolis]


Egypt: 61st, 62nd and 63rd human cases of H5N1 infection confirmed [Apr 8 Cairo]


Viet Nam: 110th human case of H5N1 infection confirmed [Apr 8 Chau Thanh District]


Egypt: 60th human case of H5N1 infection confirmed [Mar 31 Qena District]


Egypt: 59th human case of H5N1 infection confirmed [Mar 23 Elfath District]


Egypt: Bird flu cases among children raise concerns [Mar 17 Cairo]


Egypt: 58th human case of H5N1 infection confirmed [Mar 11 Menofia]


Egypt: 57th human case of H5N1 infection confirmed [Mar 11 Alexandria]


Australia: Important discovery in research for vax against bird flu [Mar 7 Melbourne VIC]


India: Status report on avian influenza outbreak for Mar 5 [Mar 6 West Bengal]


China: Chicken carcass confirmed positive for H5N1 [Mar 6 Tung Ping Chau]


China: Investigation group releases report on avian influenza outbreak in Yuen Long chicken farm [Mar 6 Hong Kong]


China: SFH attaches great importance to biosecurity of local chicken farms [Mar 6 Hong Kong]


India: Status report on avian influenza outbreak for Mar 2 [Mar 4 West Bengal]


Egypt: 56th case of human infection with H5N1 confirmed [Mar 2 Cairo]


Nepal: Bird flu returns [Mar 2 Kathmandu]


Viet Nam: Death of previously confirmed human case of H5N1 infection [Feb 27 Kim Son district]


England: Avian influenza in poultry on premises in East of England [Feb 26 London]


Viet Nam: Death of a previously confirmed human case of H5N1 infection [Feb 25 Dam Ha District]


China: Crested Myna confirmed positive for H5N1 virus [Feb 20 Tung Ping Chau]


Nepal: Avian influenza outbreak contained but risks remain [Feb 18 Kathmandu]


Viet Nam: 109th human case of H5N1 infection confirmed [Feb 18 Kim Son district]


China: Preventive and control measures on seasonal influenza and avian influenza - Q&A in the Hong Kong Legislative Council [Feb 16 Hong Kong]


China: Crested Myna tested positive for H5 virus [Feb 16 Hong Kong]


British Columbia: Presence of H5 avian influenza in second commercial poultry detected [Feb 14 Fraser Valley]


Viet Nam: 108th human case of H5N1 infection confirmed [Feb 14 Dam Ha district]


Wisconsin: State ranks among best in national pandemic flu report [Feb 9 Milwaukee]


Wisconsin: Op-ed as state receives high marks for pandemic flu preparedness [Feb 9 Milwaukee]


Egypt: 55th human case of H5N1 infection confirmed [Feb 9 Cairo]


Egypt: 54th human case of H5N1 infection confirmed [Feb 6 Cairo]


China: Latest avian influenza tests positive for three more dead birds [Feb 5 Hong Kong]


China: Dead goose and two dead ducks test positive for H5N1 virus [Feb 4 Shan Lo Wan]


China: Human infection of bird flu reported in central China [Feb 4 Xupu County]


China: Fifth death from bird flu reported in south China [Feb 4 Beijing]


China: SW province reports sixth human bird flu case in 2009 [Feb 4 Guiyang]


China: Eighteen persons with contact of dead birds put under medical surveillance [Jan 31 Sha Lo Wan]


China: Carcasses of a goose and two ducks tested positive for H5 virus [Jan 31 Sha Lo Wan]


China: Notification of a human case of H5N1 in Hunan Province [Jan 31 Hong Kong]


Nepal: On alert against bird flu [Jan 29 Kathmandu]


Europe: Avian influenza in China - assessment of recent human cases of H5N1 [Jan 28 Stockholm Sweden]


China: 35th, 36th, and 37th confirmed human cases with H5N1 [Jan 27 Urumqi]


India: Status report on Avian influenza outbreak in Sikkim [Jan 27 Ravlonga Municipality]


Egypt: 53rd confirmed case of human infection with H5N1 [Jan 26 Cairo]


Indonesia: 140th and 141st confirmed cases of human infection with H5N1 [Jan 22 Tangerang District]


China: 31st confirmed human case of H5N1 infection [Jan 10 Beijing]


Vietnam: 107th confirmed human case of H5N1 infection [Jan 10 Dien Trung]


China: CHP investigating human case of influenza A (H9N2) infection [Dec 30 Hong Kong]


China: Chinese mainland, HK, Macao SARs test emergency response to avian flu [Dec 23 Hong Kong]


United States: HHS releases guidance for use and stockpiling of antiviral drugs for pandemic influenza [Dec 18 Washington DC]


Egypt: 51st confirmed case of human infection with H5N1 [Dec 17 Cairo]


Cambodia: 8th confirmed case of human infection with H5N1 [Dec 12 Kandal Province]


Indonesia: 138th and 139th confirmed cases of human infection with H5N1 [Dec 9 Jakarta]


Common cold virus came from birds [Nov 23 Rotterdam The Netherlands]


Global: Study of ancient and modern plagues finds common features [Nov 23 Bethesda MD]


Egypt: Contingency planning for an avian flu pandemic [Nov 22 Cairo]


1918 Spanish flu records could hold the key to solving future pandemics [Nov 10 Melbourne VIC]


Genetics provide evidence for the movement of avian influenza viruses from Asia to North America via migratory birds [Oct 31 Reston VA]


Avian flu threat: New approach needed [Oct 24 London England]


Early pandemic flu wave may protect against worse one later [Oct 20 Bethesda MD]


Asia-Pacific nations lagging in flu pandemic plans, UN warns [Oct 16 Bangkok]


- In the same article: UNSIC in the Asia-Pacific, collaborating with the Asian Disaster Preparedness Centre and the Kenan Institute Asia, has released its first compilation of simulation exercises conducted by countries to prepare for a human influenza pandemic.

Link to the compilation included in the article.


Pandemic flu models help determine food distribution and school closing strategies [Oct 15 Atlanta GA]


CDC releases 1918 pandemic flu storybook [Aug 21 Atlanta GA]


The pandemic potential of H9N2 avian influenza viruses [Aug 15 College Park MD]


Nigeria: New bird flu strain confirmed [Aug 14 Kano]


Laos: New veterinary law targets bird flu [Aug 14 Vientiane]


Pandemic research receives $1.6M funding boost [Jul 29 Hamilton ON]


Comic book illustrates new way to reach immigrants and youth about pandemic flu [Jul 24 King County WA]


HHS and DHS announce guidance on pandemic vax allocation [Jul 23 Washington DC]


Infection control guidance for critical care now available [Jul 23 Edinburgh Scotland]


Study outlines measures to limit effects of pandemic flu on nursing homes [Jul 22 Tempe AZ]


Report offers resources for home healthcare response during a flu pandemic [Jul 12 Washington DC]


Pandemic mutations in bird flu revealed [Jul 10 Bangkok Thailand]


Political borders, health-care issues complicate pandemic planning [Jul 10 West Lafayette IN]


European businesses not properly advised on how to prepare for flu pandemic [Jun 17 London England]


New Jersey: State rolls out public health plan for pandemic influenza [June 4 Trenton]


Australia: Flu pandemic medical help left in the waiting room [May 31 Canberra ACT]


Battling bird flu by the numbers [May 31 Los Alamos NM]


Global: Experts review influenza pandemic preparedness guidance [May 8 Geneva]


Global: H5N1 avian influenza: Timeline of major events [Apr 15 Geneva Switzerland]


Scotland: Pandemic flu planning guidance for infection control [Mar 11 Edinburgh]


Washington: Business not as usual: New video helps local businesses and agencies prepare for pandemic flu [Feb 5 King County]


Global: WHO launches influenza virus tracking system [Jan 28 Geneva Switzerland]


USA: Report on Dept of Energy's Pandemic Influenza Planning [Dec 29 Washington DC]


USA: Researcher doubts American program to track avian flu in wild birds [Dec 12 Lawrence KS]


Ireland: Publication of Irish influenza pandemic preparedness assessment report [Nov 28 Dublin]


Stockpiling influenza vaccine in Hong Kong [Nov 24 New York NY USA]


England: HPA releases national framework for responding to an influenza pandemic [Nov 23 London England]


Newfoundland: Province strengthens preparedness for pandemic [Nov 16 St John's]


Indiana: Online pandemic flu simulation provides opportunity to expand emergency preparedness solutions [Nov 16 Indianapolis]


Lessons from Turkey's bird flu outbreak [Nov 15 Istanbul Turkey]


Global: Projected supply of pandemic influenza vaccine sharply increases [Oct 25 Geneva Switzerland]


Avian influenza lessons learned report published [Oct 25 London England]


Forestalling the Coming Pandemic: Infectious Disease Surveillance Overseas [Oct 4 Washington DC]


Beyond the Checklist: Addressing shortfalls in National Pandemic Influenza Preparedness [Sep 27 Washington DC]


Kansas: State's pandemic flu preparedness plans selected for national website [Sep 25 Topeka]


Public comment welcome on community measures to prevent deaths during a pandemic [Sep 13 Salt Lake City UT USA]


Combatting avian flu in North America - The North American Plan for Avian and Pandemic Influenza [Aug 21 Montebello QC Canada]


NIH scientists target future pandemic strains of H5N1 avian influenza [Aug 9 Bethesda MD USA]


Australia:  Victoria well placed to fight a flu pandemic [Jul 18 Melbourne VIC]


Australia: Hospital network frontline weapon in updated pandemic plan [Jul 15 Melbourne VIC]


New Zealand: Getting through together - Ethical values for a pandemic [Jul 4 Wellington]


Canada: Publication du plan de lutte contre la grippe pandémique [Jun 28 Halifax NS]


Canada: Province's pandemic plan released [Jun 28 Halifax NS]


Global: Model for tracking flu progression could reduce flu pandemic's peril [Jun 18 Cambridge MA USA]


USA: During influenza pandemic, State Health Commissioner to decide if schools should close [Jun 18 Indianapolis IN]


USA: Rutgers study shows avian influenza on people's minds [Jun 16 New Brunswick NJ]


United Kingdom: Avian influenza - Algorithm Alert Phase 3 updated [May 17 07 London England]


United Kingdom: Avian influenza - Algorithm A3 updated [May 4 07 London England]


Canada: Travel health advisory - Avian influenza A [H5N1] [May 4 07 Ottawa ON Canada]











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